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Fan Fiction and Wizard Rock for the CR

Prophecy 2007 – Fan Fiction Reading. Call for Authors

Going to Prophecy 2007 in Toronto? Author of fan fiction? Want a chance to read your story to other Harry Potter fans? Then apply for a spot in the Common Room Fan Fiction Sessions, where you can share your tales with any and all. No matter what your ship, no matter what your era, there could be a spot for you. All ratings/ships/eras accepted; adult ratings are showcased when the sun is down and the dark creeps in [10pm and later].

Click HERE for more info!


Prophecy 2007 – CR Rock [Unplugged] – Call for WR Bands/Musicians

Coming to Prophecy 2007: From Hero to Legend in Toronto this summer, and you're in a Wizard Rock band? Do you write and perform music inspired by Harry Potter? Want a chance to perform in front of a live, enthusiastic audience? Then apply for a spot in the Common Room Rock [Unplugged], where you can share your musical creations with your fans, and spread Wizard Rock to all!
15 – 30 minute sets available.
Acoustic sets available.
A cappella and small set-up instruments permissible [i.e., guitar, keyboard, back-up track CD, etc.].
All instruments/special equipment required is the responsibility of the band/artist.

Click HERE for more info!

Best of luck to all!
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