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Prophecy 2007: From Hero To Legend

Prophecy 2007: From Hero to Legend

Prophecy 2007: From Hero to Legend will take place in Toronto, Canada, August 2-5, 2007. Register today!

Welcome to Prophecy's Informal Programming, which we fondly refer to as IP. IP, simply put, is FUN. It encompasses events for all to enjoy, including North American Flying Federation's 139th Merlin's Cup, The Decade of Enchantment Ball, Wizard Talent, Hall of Reflection, Common Room, Wizard Duelling and Wizard Chess, Movie Nights, The Quest, Art Gallery, Informal Workshops, Vendor Room, Auction, and who can forget the House Points Competition. Visit us often to see the latest news about all that Prophecy IP is offering.

For more information on volunteering visit our Prophecy Headquarters Yahoo! Group, and request to join the Informal Programming Department.

Be sure to join prophecy2007 and prophecy_7, Prophecy's other official communities.

Prophecy 2007: From Hero to Legend is produced under the auspices of HP Education Fanon, Inc., an educational non-profit 501(c)3 organisation committed to producing high-quality events that combine a professional and academic focus with the spirit of the Harry Potter series for scholar and fan alike. This event is unofficial and is not endorsed by Warner Bros., the Harry Potter book publishers, or JK Rowling or her literary agents.